Common Challenges HR Professionals Handle

Every HR executive faces challenges that involves the running of your department also in the consistent enforcement of the policies across your organisation in general. Some of these can be fixed really well if you have the skills and the knowledge that is needed to carry out these tasks. Here are some of these common challenges that an HR professionals will face and how you can resolve them easily and correctly.


Many people believe that HR professionals focuses mainly on acquiring new talent. However, on the contrary, they focus a lot on retaining the existing talent in the company. The lifeblood of any organisation is their employees and the skills that they provide along with their experience. Your business will also have invested significant time and money into ensuring maximum productivity wherever possible. And the key HR responsibility is to protect this valuable asset. The HR department needs to provide each employee with the right combination of all three to satisfy the employee without compromising company interests in the process. They also need to keep accurate records of these combinations to ensure that the agreed packages are being delivered to employees.


You will also need to decide whether you will bring in new staff or replace the old ones through a process of natural attrition. This will be another main challenge that you face. Finding staff with the correct blend of skills, personality and motivation is difficult, even when the pool of available candidates is relatively large is difficult.


Once the workforce headcount has been sorted, the HR now has to look at the level of productivity and ensure that business is happening efficiently. You should be aware about any lack of resources and if there is any poor work practices that need to be corrected. You should know how to carry out a Time and Motion study to determine this. This study can then be used to identify potential efficiency gains and pave the way for future capital investment to improve productivity and conditions.

Training and compliance

Training is a vital part of employee development and this will help to give them a good level of education while also ensuring that they meet your bottom line. You must be able to track the skills of your employees on your own records. If they are learning and the organisation has agreed to pay fees and the likes, it makes sense to keep track of all these transactions and the progress of the employee as well. this may not always be the easiest thing to do with all the other responsibilities that you have, but it is essential to make sure that there are no lapses.

Health and safety

Your company is required to record details of health and safety information for legal reasons, similar to maintaining records about professional qualifications and membership of trade bodies. Health and safety records help keep your employees safe at work and ensure that the company is meeting its legal obligations towards both them and the public.

Now that you know what the most common and main challenges that an HR professionals would face, why not go in for your interview, or start work with the right tools to help you face them right. Our Diploma in Office Administration and HR – Level 4 is an accredited certification that will definitely help your career.
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June 22, 2022

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