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Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the courses offered at South London College. We have attempted to answer every single one, but if you feel like a question that you need an answer to is not listed here, speak to a Course Advisor or fill out the form on this page.

How do the online courses work?

Our online courses are offered in an interactive environment. Our instructors use text, audio and video format to deliver the training. The courses will apply real-life scenarios. To complete the coursework, learners can download course material, templates and time-based quizzes. Courses can be completed at your own pace and convenience.

How do I get started once I purchase a course?

Once you purchase one of our courses, we will contact you within the first 24 hours to provide the course material and login information. The login information will be sent within the first hour of enrolment. If you have not received this information in the first business day, you can contact us or check the spam folder in your email. We provide 24/7 login access and you can study the course from anywhere using any device.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will receive complete 12 months of access to the course. You can also use the course as a source of reference once you complete the training.

How will you provide the training?

If you are taking our online courses, you must learn to use your own time to study for the course. You will have support from the instructor.

How can I pay for the course?

South London College accepts payment via bank transfer and credit card. If you want to find a payment method to suit you, please feel free to speak to a Course Advisor.

Are exams included in the cost of the course?

Unless specifically stated, we do not include exams in the course price. This is one of the main reasons why our courses remain competitive. You pay for the exam only when you are ready to take them.

Do you work with qualified instructors?

Yes, we make it a rule at South London College to only work with qualified instructors who are experienced in their field of study. For instance, whatever the subject matter, our instructors have between 10-15 years of experience and expertise.

How much do exams cost?

The cost of an exam depends on the exam itself. Prices can vary according to the exam. For further clarification and guidance, feel free speak to one of our Course Advisors.

Are practice exams included in the course?

Most of our courses include the practice exam, unless otherwise stated. This will help you prepare for the real exam as practice exams contain the entirety of exam-based questions.

Do I gain a recognised certification?

Yes, courses offered at South London College are accredited to different international awarding bodies. (For more information on awarding bodies, please check the relevant course). Students will receive an accredited, recognised certification that will validate your skills in the relevant industry.

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