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How COVID-19 has changed the way we learn and live

The year 2020 has introduced dramatic changes in the way we live solely because of COVID-19. This pandemic has taught us numerous lessons about life and even managed to change the way we live. It has become the ‘new normal’ which has made us adapt to the changes and live our daily lives, accordingly.

This pandemic along with the extended periods of lockdown did open our eyes to a whole new world. It also made us change the way we look and think about life. Let’s look at how COVID-19 has impacted our lives and how it has changed the way we live and learn.

Introduction to online learning

With physical access being almost impossible during the year 2020, people resorted to working and learning online. Prior to the pandemic, working and learning online was not extremely popular among schools and companies. Although it was still available as an option, people preferred to meet up physically in the conventional way. However, ever since COVID-19, schools and companies have been using online platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams etc. to conduct classes, meetings and various other activities. This is very convenient as it can be done in the convenience of your home and saves a lot on commuting time.

Active involvement of parents in education

Another great change which COVID-19 has brought into our lives with regard to learning, is the active involvement of parents in the learning process of children. Since lessons are taught online without the physical presence of a teacher, parents sit along with their children to assist them during the sessions. This has made parents, especially mothers, get more actively involved in their child’s studies, which is a good thing as they get to know how their children are progressing. This can be advantageous for students and teachers as it can improve a child’s performance in academics

Flexible workplace

The concept of working at home became a norm along with the extended periods of lockdown which were common during the peak of the pandemic. It still continues to this day as a practice in the government and corporate sector due to the convenience it provides. Employees can complete their tasks at the comfort of their own homes. Meetings can also be conducted online via virtual platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams etc. This also proved to be beneficial due to the zero commute time present in this method. As of now, work-from-home remains to be in practice due to the great convenience it provides for both the employer and the employee

Focus on the surrounding nature

Moving about during the pandemic became a great concern. Even when the restrictions loosened up, it was still a problem to go to places that get congested etc. On the contrary being stuck at home was also nerve-wracking for almost everyone. This made people realize and appreciate nature and their surroundings, because even stepping out of your house was a cause for concern. However, when things did get better, people enjoyed walking, biking or simply relaxing in large open spaces such as parks. This connection with nature is what is required in order to spend a quality life

Learn to appreciate life

Covid-19 was a devastating hit on the overall lifestyle and economy of every country in the world. It showed us the simplicity and uncertainty of life. It made us appreciate and value what we have got with us. The vast spread of the virus and the countless deaths occurring all over the world, also helped open our eyes to the reality of life and certainty of death. All of these incidents left us with lessons worth a lifetime. This pandemic and lockdown is, no doubt, going to leave us all with a different perception on life.

Changes in the immediate future

This pandemic situation does not seem to escape from our lives in the near future. This means that we have got to adapt ourselves to the ‘new normal’. Wearing masks and using hand sanitizers will continue as a practice for a very long time to come. We can also expect COVID-19 to be part and parcel of life, only coming in various forms but not vanishing in the near future. Under such circumstances here are some things we can expect to continue in our lives;

  • Virtual platform for education (online learning)
  • Work-from-home concept for employees
  • Existence of appropriate safety measures in private and public areas
  • Introduction of new health and safety guidelines to adapt to changes in the virus

These are just some of the few things we can expect to live with in the near future. Our next generation will accept these as part of life and it will not sound alien to them. However, those of us who are living right now know what this pandemic did to the entire world and thereby we will be open to accept any change that comes our way, with regard to this situation.

We should also remember the tireless efforts extended by those among us who are working in the frontline, when it comes to COVID-19. Employees in the healthcare industry including doctors, nurses and emergency medical care staff should be highly appreciated for the strength and persistence they have shown during these tough times. Along with that, each and every citizen of a country needs to contribute towards healing the world from this pandemic, by staying safe and maintaining the required distance from each other.

In conclusion, no matter how bad the current situation is, let us see a ray of hope that goes beyond our vision of life, right now. Let us appreciate life and be grateful for what we have with us because we know what it feels like to lose the freedom of stepping out of your front door to breathe in fresh air while going for a walk down the lane. With that in mind, let us hope for a world free of the Coronavirus, where we can breathe freely without wearing face masks or worrying too much about sanitizing our hands.

January 26, 2022

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