What parents should know about homeschooling

Homeschooling is something that has become more of a reality this year given the global climate. However, many parents are rather concerned about the whole process. That is why, we decided to lend a helping hand out to parents so that they can decide for themselves.

Benefits of homeschooling vs. public schooling

There are many financial benefits of homeschooling, as well as health benefits of homeschooling just to name a couple. Here are some of the proven benefits of homeschooling that will help ease your mind as a parent.

  • Homeschooling gives your child academic flexibility. It can help your child regardless of whether they are ahead, behind, strong willed, quiet, creative, challenging, gifted or active.
  • As the parent, you will have complete control over the pace of education as well as the approach that you would like to take about it. You are the person who is in charge of the schedule, grading, the learning approach, the curriculum and even the requirements that must be met.
  • You also have the capacity to meet the current needs of the child now. This means that you can choose what you would like to focus on the most based on the mental, behavioral, emotional and physical well-being of your child.
  • Because of the fact that your child will be learning amid family, this can help strengthen bonds and act as means of motivation. It is also the best possible place for a child to learn social etiquette and improve their social development.
  • Because the child will have your undivided attention, the education will be efficient and there will be no wasted time.
  • You can avoid minimal learning that focuses just on the curriculum and engage in meaningful learning so that your child has a better takeaway.
  • Many schools may not provide enough extracurricular options which you can now provide. These can include anything from cooking to gardening to painting to just playing around the house with pets. All of these will contribute to the growth and development of the child.

In addition to all of these amazing benefits, you also know that your child is safe while they remain at home during this pandemic situation which will give you peace of mind. If your child is differently-abled, homeschooling is also an option that you would certainly want to consider.

What are the challenges of homeschooling?

  • One of the biggest challenges of homeschooling would be playing both parent and then teacher at the same time. Instilling discipline into your own family members, reducing distractions, and maintaining that serious school vibe can actually be draining.
  • There could also be a lack of effort from the child because they see you as their parent and not their teacher. This immediately ties in with the point above where you will need to put your foot down and maintain discipline.
  • There could be sibling conflicts that can become overwhelming really fast. If you have more than one child, now that all of them are home, you will get to see them complaint, bicker and fight a lot more. Keeping your cool is essential in handling these situations.
  • You will also have to wear many hats and that can be challenging. For instance, you will now be playing parent, teacher, caregiver, chef, play mate and more to your child or children. If you too are working from home that would be another responsibility that you must take care of. While all of this can seem like it is way too much to handle, careful planning and organising of schedules can go a long way to help you.
  • Staying updated with the curriculum is also tough at times. You have had no reason to remember all the things you studied on a theoretical level in school and syllabuses have now changed. So keeping up and making sure that you are teaching the correct things can be a bit exhausting.

Despite all these challenges, homeschooling is now something that is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. So during the pandemic, if your child is stuck at home with you, do not let their education slide. Make the most of this time and get homeschooling! Learn more at South London College.

March 25, 2022

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