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An Essential Guide to Health and Social Care Qualifications
Expert tutor James Ridley
Recorded webinar For Future Reference
Interactive sessions Q&A with Subject Specialist and Facilitators
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Awarded by NCFE CACHE
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Session 1
01st October 2024
6.00PM – 7.00 PM London (GMT)
Session 2
12th November 2024
6.00PM – 7.00 PM London (GMT)
Session 3
27th December 2024
6.00PM – 7.00 PM London (GMT)
Webinar Agenda
6.00 PM - 6.05 PM

Get to Know your Expert Facilitator

6.05 PM - 6.10 PM

What is our Focus?

  • Agenda
  • A little discussion to get to know the participants
6.10 PM - 6.40 PM

Health and Social Care Field

  • What are the available courses under this category?
  • What is the career progression in H&S field?
6.40 PM -6.50 PM

Learner Interactive Session Q & A

6.50 PM -7.00 PM

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Unlock Your Potential with Our Free Live Webinar!

Join us at South London College for a transformative experience with our “Essential Guide to Health and Social Care Qualifications” webinar. This is your chance to enhance your professional and academic skills, interact with subject specialists, and network with peers – all from the comfort of your home!

What’s in it for You?

  • Participation Certificate: All participants receive a certificate, acknowledging your commitment to learning.
  • Webinar Recording Access: Missed something? No problem! We provide recordings for your future reference.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage with our subject specialists and facilitators during live Q&A sessions.
  • Special Course Discounts: As a webinar attendee, enjoy exclusive discounts on our courses.
  • Multiple Session Dates: Choose the session that best fits your schedule.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and experts in the field.
Key Takeaways from the Webinar
In-depth Understanding: Gain a comprehensive insight into Health and Social Care qualifications, their importance, and their impact in today's world.
Expert Guidance: Learn directly from experienced facilitators who are specialists in the field of Health and Social Care.
Practical Knowledge: Acquire practical strategies and knowledge that can be applied in your professional environment.
Latest Trends and Practices: Stay updated with the current trends, practices, and innovations in the field of Health and Social Care.
Interactive Learning Experience: Engage in interactive sessions that enhance your understanding and retention of information.
Personal and Professional Growth: Elevate both your personal and professional skill set through informed discussions and networking.
Unique Perks for Participants
Certification of Participation: Receive a certificate as a testament to your commitment and learning.
Access to Exclusive Content: Get special access to webinar recordings, enabling you to revisit and absorb the content at your own pace
Direct Interaction with Experts: Opportunity for live interaction with subject matter experts for personalized guidance and answers to your queries.
Exclusive Discounts on Future Courses: Avail special discounts on courses offered by South London College, enhancing your educational journey.
Flexible Scheduling: Choose from multiple session dates to attend the webinar at your convenience.
Networking Platform: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and professionals, fostering opportunities for collaboration and growth.
Continuous Support: Post-webinar, stay connected with your mentor for ongoing support and guidance in your educational or professional journey.
An Essential Guide to Health and Social Care Qualifications

Eager to excel in the world of Health and Social Care? We’re ready to add a spectrum of knowledge and skills to your palette! Dive into our FREE Live Webinar at South London College and emerge with a richer, more vibrant understanding of Health and Social Care qualifications. Don’t just learn; illuminate your career path with the brightest hues of expertise and insight. Register now and be part of an enlightening journey that promises both professional and personal growth!

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What our students say
I have been mostly dealing with South London College over the phone, and I must say their support team is prompt and up to the task...
South London College makes learning easy for students. Upon registering for my choice of course, I received the course almost immediately...
As a full-time stay at home mother I was worried about studying, wondering if it will get in the way of my personal life...
I was impressed with the high quality courses offered to me. I have so far taken 3 courses at South London College, and each time I have been impressed...
I recently enroled at South London College, and I felt the learning provider conducted themselves with professionalism...
The courses were well mapped out and easy to navigate. I was impressed by the customer support team. They have been helpful in dealing...
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - An Essential Guide to Health and Social Care Qualifications

We Answered Your Questions

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This webinar offers a deep dive into Health and Social Care qualifications, covering latest trends, best practices, and essential knowledge. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain insights from experts, partake in interactive learning, and network with professionals in the field.

Attendees of this webinar gain a wealth of benefits - it's completely free, features industry-leading experts, and offers a unique learning experience. Participants will receive discounts on future courses from South London College, eligibility for special promotions, a CPD participation certificate, and regular updates on upcoming webinars and learning opportunities.

Absolutely! This webinar is designed to be beneficial for a wide range of participants, including those considering a career in Health and Social Care, current professionals looking to enhance their knowledge, or anyone interested in understanding this vital sector.

This event is a perfect platform for networking with like-minded individuals and professionals in the Health and Social Care field. You'll have the chance to connect, share experiences, and potentially collaborate on future endeavors.
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