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Choose Hospitality and Tourism as a Career with South London College

Going for a holiday is something we all look forward to. With the excitement, the packing and the fun. A good holiday spent in a hotel is a great way of relaxation. The first thought that crosses our mind when we think about hospitality and tourism is luxury hotels, high-class facilities and great service. As much as being a customer is enjoyable. Doing a great job in the field is something that will bring pride to you as a service provider. Many hospitality and tourism courses teach us that being welcoming is the key to building a great business. Especially in the hospitality industry.

Studying hospitality courses online in UK is a good option for anyone who wants to join the industry. These courses teach more about customer services and management. With basic education from high school, you can enrol on a hospitality course and enhance your opportunity.

Hospitality and Tourism courses are not just limited to a certain job role. With a qualification acquired through South London College, you can apply to many opportunities in the industry. To name a few you can study the QLS or ATHE endorsed course and apply to become a hotel manager, concierge, tour guide, customer service, event manager, receptionist, Sous-Chef, Pastry Chef, and more. You can even work as an airline crew member, Casino manager, and many other opportunities which are not directly related to serving. You can choose the sectors in which you want to build your careers like in hotels, food and beverage industries, tour companies, travel agencies, and more. The Level 3 courses will help you
obtain a job in the management sector.

Discover many opportunities with hospitality courses online in UK

Hospitality and tourism are ranked among the top industries in the UK. Giving more opportunities and career growth for people interested in learning in the field. There are four sectors in which UK hospitality is highly demanded. The entertainment and recreation, food and beverage, hotel industry and travel & tourism industry. With an education qualification obtained through hospitality courses online in UK, you will have a diverse option to choose a job in the industry.

Hospitality and tourism courses provide education with a variety of subjects that you can learn. Some of which includes: Financial accounting, economics, operations, business ethics, marketing, hotel management, etc. Whether you are living in the UK or if you are an international student, these online courses provided by South London College will give you the recognition, skills and knowledge to choose a career path in the industry.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism courses are gaining popularity in the UK and around the world. In terms of rankings, UK has obtained 3rd position for the great hospitality and tourism industry. Whilst, the USA is on the 2 nd ranking in the world. A person working in the hospitality and tourism sector in the UK will earn around 47,300 GBP per year. Most of the salaries in the industry range from 18,000 GBP being the lowest to 132,000 GBP being the highest average. Salaries and benefits of working in the hospitality industry are not only in the UK. If you take a look at the average salary given to a person in the USA it will range up to $92,268. If a person is working hourly then the rates will be $47.32 per hour. With experience, the working benefits and salary ranges will increase. This is one of the main advantages of studying hospitality courses online in UK.

Why choose hospitality and tourism?

Tourism and hospitality is a leading industry all around the world. Both developing and developed countries work towards welcoming tourists with great hospitality. People love to travel and explore cities in every corner of the globe. This gives more demand for hospitality service providers to study and sell their business. Whether you are a professional, experienced or amateur learner in the industry. South London College offers a range of hospitality and tourism courses that are easily accessible.

There are many advantages that you can get by studying hospitality courses online in UK.

Flexibility – Studying through online courses in UK, from an online course provider such as South London College will give you a flexible schedule to work in. While you are obtaining the education qualification you can work as a trainee in a hotel or any other sector in the hospitality industry.

Benefits in the Job- The hospitality and tourism sector is among the generous industries that will offer you large sums of money along with many job benefits. You can gain health insurance, low education opportunities and training at the job. These can improve your career prospect.

A combination of subjects – Hospitality and tourism courses focuses on teaching many subjects that you can benefit from. As mentioned above there are many subjects that you will get to learn. Therefore, you can obtain the education through these courses and specialise in a sector.

Why study hospitality and tourism courses in the UK?

By choosing to study through an online course provider in the UK, such as South London College you will obtain many benefits. The courses are easily accessible from anywhere at any time. You can get a qualification which is recognised locally and internationally. Studying in UK will also give you an upper hand while finding jobs in the world. Along with that, you will also be able to gain lower education costs and improve your English language. Since English is used as a universal language in many industries, you
can learn through these courses.

To be eligible to study hospitality and tourism courses you must be at the age of 18. Experienced individuals can also enrol on courses such as ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Management for Travel and Tourism. By choosing this industry, you will meet a lot of different people at the job, find new ideas, and improve your social skills. Hospitality is all about being welcoming, hospitable, and friendly. It is a growing industry with high demand. So why not start a career in an industry which is filled with benefits.

September 6, 2021

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