Baking for the Soul; Amazing Aspects of Baking You Didn’t Know

“Food is so much more than sustenance. Food is love”

Nadiya Hussain; Winner of The Great British Bake Off 2015

Activities like baking, painting and knitting are known as projection activities. They are used, often, in therapy as a method of channeling negative emotions into constructive ones, or projects. Now, something you may not know about baking, is that it can have beneficial effects on your psychology. Research has also shown that people naturally feel much happier after completing a projective activity like baking, than they felt before engaging in it.

See, you do not have to be a baking connoisseur to enjoy these benefits. All you have to do is simply learn your baking essentials. You could be hand-baking macaroons or putting together a cake mixture straight out of a packet, but it helps to know that by baking you can just help yourself feel much better.

Baking is self-expression (who would’ve thought?)

We live in a fast world and it is really easy to feel like parts of our being are lost amid all the information that we are always exposed to. Taking a break from the outside world and focusing on self-expression can be really good for your happiness and wellbeing. Maybe you identify with rainbow cakes? Or maybe even a devil chocolate cake? Something more classic like a Victoria sponge? All these choices are self-expression.

It helps you spread some good old love

Sometimes, we feel like we can’t really express how we feel right? In many global cultures, giving and receiving food is described as a way of expressing feelings when words somehow seem inadequate. It can also be a really warm and nice way to express your love and support as well as appreciation for somebody who is close to you.

The beneficial effects of selflessness

Psychologically, the act of selflessly doing something for somebody other than yourself has been proven to have positive effects for your own wellbeing. It is truly a remarkable feeling to watch people enjoy something that you did cook or bake for them, now isn’t it? There’s always going to be love in every bit of dough you knead and batter you mix. There will always be affection in every bit of icing or marzipan. That’s what baking is all about.

A bit of escapism

Sometimes all we need to do is get away for a minute or two, even if it is from your own mind and the stress and pressure that has been driving you up against the wall. Guess what? Some heavy duty kneading is indicated to reduce stress!!! When you are feeling really low, some baking would mean a much welcome way to escape the stress don’t you think?

That sense of satisfaction

Another perfectly great reason for you to start baking is the sense of positivity and satisfaction that comes from creating something delicious and beautiful. It may be messy but when that measuring and kneading is done and you get to enjoy a cup of tea with a freshly baked slice of goodness, you will feel like you are on top of the world. It’s the little joys in life that really make the ride worthwhile.

So why not start learning about baking? Our Advanced Diploma in Baking and Cake Decorating Level 3 is the ideal way to get to know all the nitty gritties of this amazing art. Speak to us on for more details.

January 26, 2022

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