A Comprehensive guide to shape your career with accounting & finance

Accounting and Finance is a subject that is commonly recognized in many industries. Anyone who possesses a qualification through any recognised accounting and finance courses is eligible to get a job. The demand for a professional who is qualified with numbers and its system is increasing every year. In many parts of the world, industries are willing to pay higher salaries for individuals who possess qualifications.

In London, a person can earn around 89,000 GBP per year while working in the accounting and finance sector. The lowest being 36,000 GBP and the highest being 178,000 GBP, an accounting and finance qualification can help you benefit with good salaries along with benefits such as health insurance and more. Moreover, according to the BLS- Bureau of Labour Statistics an accountant in the U.S can earn a salary of $70,500 with employment benefits. Getting paid with good salaries is just a part of what this field can offer you.In this article, we will help you with a comprehensive guide to shaping your career with accounting and finance courses. First, let us take a look at the various job opportunities in the industry.

In this article, we will help you with a comprehensive guide to shaping your career with accounting and finance courses. First, let us take a look at the various job opportunities in the industry.

Why choose to study accounting and finance?

There are many reasons to study accounting and finance. It is a respected profession in society with high demands for qualified professionals. The role of an accountant is a highly trustworthy job. As an accountant, you will not only gain the respect of many employees but you will also be looked at as an important part of the business. The job comes with many integrity and ethical responsibilities. Apart from that, the field of work is continuously challenging. While many people think recording and making reports is a desk job. Accounting can be exciting for those who possess a passion for the field.

By choosing to build a career in the accounting and finance sector. You will have the opportunity to keep learning new systems and ways to do accounts. It is a continuously evolving sector with more accounting systems being developed with technology and such. The job will also encourage you to take up many accounting and finance courses.

You can work in any industry you choose to. The diversity in finding a job in this field is one of the most advantages you can benefit from.

As an accountant, you will be a problem solver for the company or business that you work for. Since you will be handling the books it will be your responsibility to make the business thrive. Planning, creating strategy and discussing many issues of the business will be part of the job. With your broadened education through courses, you will be able to expand your skills while working as an accountant.

Career paths to choose in the field of accounting and finance

Many of us are under the impression that studying different accounting and finance courses will lead us to a boring desk job in a corporate business. This misconception has diverted many students to pursue other career options in the business industry.

However, let me tell you this. Accounting and finance is a sector that is high in demand. And it is one of the most profitable sectors in the industry. As an accountant with recognised qualifications and experience, you are indispensable in the organisation.

Accounting is a major diverse network in many different industries all around the globe. Whether you acquire your qualifications from a short course in accounting and finance or you obtain a degree in the field. Many job opportunities are waiting for you with many benefits and a great salary.

As a qualified accountant and finance individual, you are eligible to pursue a career as a chartered accountant, banker, auditor, financial analyst, income tax specialist, stockbroker, personal accountant for clients, public accountant and more.

The benefits of building a career in accounting and finance are not just limited to its generous salary ranges and employment benefits. Along with these, you can build a professional network with many successful companies and entrepreneurs from all around the world. It’s more or less like a career field with numbers and systems which will help you connect with the world.

Start planning from High-school

Planning for your future after high school is a great start for many of us. And if you have a passion for any industry that you would want to build a career in. Then you are getting luckier every day. It’s about time that you start planning your path with some courses. By far, you will possess some basic knowledge in the field of business. Which may include subjects such as accounts, business management, marketing and others.

Many accounting and finance courses are perfect for starters. For instance, if you study a diploma course in accounting and finance. Then you can explore the field for a short period and then decide to build your career further.

Many accounting and finance courses with a degree qualification will last up to 2-3 years. So before you head into one of the major courses. It is best that you try to study some through a short course in accounting and finance and then advance to a professional qualification.

Taking up an interest to study courses such as a level 3 diploma in banking or a level 3 diploma in investment and finance will help you navigate your qualification path. These level 3 qualifications are more suitable for people who are looking to work and study in the field.

While experience can help an individual to progress in the field. The qualification will give me more knowledge in developing skills in doing accounts and finance.

A level 3 Diploma course is the best qualification that you can study while planning out your future. And if you are still pursuing a career in the field. Then this level 3 qualification will help you to pursue a bachelor’s degree or more. With a recognised level 3 qualification you can also get the opportunity to work as a trainee accountant or get experience in the field.

March 25, 2022

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