8 Remarkable Benefits of Distance Learning During a Pandemic

Distance learning had been an available option throughout the years. However, the benefits of distance learning came into light significantly with the beginning of the pandemic. With many schools having to shut down under the circumstances, while students and instructors had to quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19, learning online turned out to be the only feasible option.

What is distance learning? This is an education process in which the students aren’t always physically present in school. Traditionally this involved students and teachers corresponding via email. However, with the surge in technological development, students and teachers can communicate using numerous online education platforms and tools.

Naturally, the transition to online distance learning was sudden with the declaration of the pandemic status around the world. The strategies to perfect the techniques involved in online education are still progressing steadily. But, many people saw the benefits of online learning during the lockdown. Just like any other learning method, there are advantages and disadvantages of online learning as well.

Through this post, we would like to highlight some of the advantages of online education during corona.

1. Flexibility

Distance learning allows both the teacher and the student to set their own learning pace, with the added benefit of being able to join the lessons from anywhere they desire. As a consequence, having an online learning platform makes for a more convenient work-study schedule because there’s no strict routine or timetable.

Online learning teaches you valuable time management and organisational skills. This allows for striking a positive work-study balance. A shared plan between the student and the teacher will also encourage all participants to take on new responsibilities and exercise independence.

2. High Efficiency

Teachers can provide lessons to students more efficiently using interesting methods than one on one teaching and media. Teachers can use a variety of online learning resources, such as animations, PDFs, and videos, as part of their lesson plans.

Teachers can become more efficient educators by expanding their lesson plans beyond conventional textbooks to incorporate modern online tools and resources.

During lockdowns, teachers can reach out to students more easily and successfully through chat groups, video sessions, voting, and text sharing. On an online platform, the students also feel more comfortable speaking out and expressing their opinion.

3. Affordability

When you enroll in a distance learning program, you can save a lot of money. Not only can you save money on housing and transportation, but online programs are typically more accessible. It is far less costly compared to enrolling in an education program at a university where you have to be present in person in the classroom.

4. Ability to Choose Learning Style

Each student has a unique approach to learning and a unique learning style. Some students tend to learn visually, and others prefer to learn across audio. Likewise, some students excel in a classroom setting, while others prefer to work alone and are quickly distracted by large crowds.

With its variety of options and tools, the distance learning process can be customised in a number of ways. It’s the most effective way to build the ideal learning atmosphere for each individual.

5. Accessibility

You can learn or teach from anywhere in the world thanks to online distance learning. It eliminates the need to commute from one location to another or adhere to a strict timetable. Furthermore, not only can you save time, but you also save money, which you can put into other important things.

The online classroom is also accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, so a great way to take advantage of it is to travel while you continue to learn online. If you’re studying abroad and want to find work, for instance, online distance education is a perfect option. There’s no need to take a break or holiday in order to travel to new and exotic locations.

6. Gaining Important Life Skills

Self-discipline, self-motivation, and teamwork are all necessary skills for distance learning. You’ll find that as an online learner, you’ll be able to refine and improve these essential professional skills rapidly.

For starters, you’ll need to engage with your professors and colleagues on a daily basis, whether it is verbal communication or in writing. Your communication skills are sure to improve as a result of this. You’ll also need to be self-driven to finish an online course since online classes have much less one on one guidance than in-person courses.

Unlike face-to-face settings, where it can be difficult to provide constructive criticism, an online atmosphere allows one to dedicate more time to studying the modules and to make constructive remarks.

7. Better Attendance

The asynchronous learning environment of distance learning programs is a significant benefit, allowing students to access the material whenever and wherever they choose. Therefore, students not being required to meet in a physical venue face to face is a winning point in online distance learning programs.

Instructors monitor attendance by checking responses to emails, comments on discussion boards, and assignment submissions. You get to fulfill the attendance requirements as long as you complete the assignments and course requirements by the deadline set by the instructor.

Also, there are fewer chances of students skipping lessons since distance learning courses can be taken from home or any other location.

8. Safety

Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, the safest way to dodge the Covid-19 virus is to take preventative measures. Reducing your exposure in public places ensures that you do not get infected. Therefore, avoiding a classroom setting that could possibly have infected individuals present is one of the biggest benefits of online classes during covid-19.

Global crises are frequently a turning point for rapid innovation, as shown by the emergence of e-commerce followed by SARS. While it is unclear if this will apply to distance learning post-COVID-19, it is one of the few sectors that show potential change and advancement. The most important thing to keep in mind is that despite the pandemic, distance learning has allowed us to keep distributing knowledge across borders around the world. Therefore, it is highly worthwhile to come up with new strategies to explore the full potential of the online distance learning process.

Pursuing your education does not have to stop due to a pandemic. Contact our team on info@southlondoncollege.org and find out how we can help you progress your career through distance learning.

July 20, 2022

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